A Love So Beautiful – Episode 1 – Part 2

Episode 1-

[Dear Jiang Chen] to be continued…

It’s already nine. Even though you a sport specialty, you still have to be in class on time. Come here. Go up there. Dictation practice. Boss, I’m replying on you. Modest.Modest. Don’t look at me, boss. I don’t know this one What are you waiting for? Write the answer. I’ve told you to memorize your vocabulary. Why is it so hard? Are you copying her answers? Your English is probably better than hers. That’s because have yet to teach me. Stop cracking jokes. Go sit down. Why do you only know that one word? Introduce yourself to your classmates. Hi, I’m the new student, Wu Bosong. I have a swimming specialty. We’ll be good friends! Go back to your seat. Teacher, where should I sit? There. Boss. Why do you call her “boss”? We have a long story. Right, boss? Excuse me? Is Jiang Chen in the classroom? No. Where did he go? W/ell…what? I head that he transferred to another school. Which school? I don’t know. Transfer? Okay, it’s free activity time. I need to be the first one. [Dear Jiang Chen:] Listen to me carefully. A carbon atom and an oxygen molecule. Water is the dispersant. Draw this graph. Okay? They usually exists as molecular or ions. We discussed this before, remember? what is this about? Class dismissed. Goodbye, teacher. Jiang Chen. I.. Chen Xiaoxi, have you finished your task? …Wrote it will all my heart. How dare you! All you taught me were song lyrics. I can write way better than you. How can you know? Help me send it. Excuse me, is Qin Qiong in your class? He wrote this love letter to you. Here you are. Don’t! – Sending love letter to our classmate? – Give it back! Students in grade 1 are brave! – “Where is our love heading to?” – stop! – “A distant place or your heart?” – Stop! -“Is there room for me inside your heart?” – Chen Xiaoxi, let’s go. “A person who secretly loves you so much. I don’t drink alcohol, but I feel dizzy when I’m with you.” – Stop him! – Chen Xiaoxi, don’t. Let’s go. Don’t leave so quickly. I have some comments to share. Yous writing sucks. My feet can write way better. Chen Xiaoxi and Lu Yang are quarreling with some senior students. Tell us, did you write this? You dare to write a love letter, but don’t dare to admit it? Coward. What happened? They’re reading Lu Yang’s love letter. – Reading his love letter? – Yes, that’s right. Do you even recognize all the words? Read it to me now. Right now. No. I won’t listen to you, tomboy. I can help you brush your teeth, bro. Who are you? – A real cool boy. – Psycho. If you like love letters, you can write some. Don’t grab other’s. Look, she is my boss. Taking her stuff means you’re messing with me. How could I stay out of this? Why is your mouth so dirty? I can make it worse. Want to try? Zhang Shiliang is coming this way. Bro, excellent. You think you’re tough? Fighting with senior students? Are you getting too good for this school? Not a fight. We just quarreled. Lu Yang, shut up. Do you think being in the first year id far from the college entrance exam? Once you became senior students, you won’t have any time to regret! Who were in that fight? Who were watching? All get out of the classroom. Teacher, it’s all my fault. You know that? Yes, it’s all your fault. Sending love letters and fighting. Sending love letters to a senior student. You like older girls? Miss Liu, your students have been behaving badly for many days. – You have to punish them, or they’ll end up in prison.- Okay. Give me all the other letters. They’re not here with me. Chen Xiaoxi, are you an accomplice? What do you have to do with his relationships? Will he pay you? No. Give me. “Where is our love heading to? A distant place or your heart? Can you allow me to live in your heart? A person who secretly loves you so much. I don’t drink alcohol, but i feel dizzy when I’m with you. I’m drunk in your arms, in this chilly fall.” You wrote all the same? You should go distributing flyers. Oh no. He’s going to read mine. Sir, I think letters are a student’s privacy. Isn’t it in inappropriate to read out? Students who write love letters don’t have privacy. Our school has its rules. Sir, I don’t think the rules would allow you to read others’ privacy. Mr. Zhang, stop reading. Sir, we already learned our lesson. All right. All of you, write a self-criticism text to me. At least 1,000 words long, or you’re not allowed to leave. Boss, I’ve only ever written competition before, and not this stuff. Can you help me? I think you’re really good at it. Okay. I’ll help you after finishing mine. Hero. Start copying. Thank you, warrior. You stood up for me today. I didn’t. Okay. I can teach you hoe to write this. No, thanks. You can’t write this. It’s too arrogant to sound like self-criticism. Teachers’ behaviors are not consistent with quality education principles. You can’t write that. I’m good at this. I can help you. You were so cool earlier. They were bullying you. Why didn’t you fight back? Listen, next time, just……beat them. Students in class 8 are not cowards. I think the main reason was his horrible writing. I was practicing. Lu Yang, you said you were any popular among girls! All right. Anyway, thank you all. Let’s go to an internet bar after school. How about that? No. I can’t go, either. My boss is not going, so I won’t, either. I’ll shoot once I see him. Good job, Jiang Chen. Good shooter, just like me. After today, we are closer than ever. Let’s form a team. Dragon and Tiger? You were eavesdropping on my chat with Xiaoxi. Bad boy. I mean we can have a new team. Wang Dazhuang’s team is G4. Our team can be… T3. Sounds so stupid. No wonder your love letters suck. Better than your gaming skills. Lu Yang, it sounds like an airport terminal. Jiang Chen, you finally remember my name! It’s not too hard for me to remember names. One more round. Ximen Quanxiu? Present. Women Are the Best? Are you here? Present. Man Means Nothing to Woman? JC Love? Is JC Love here? Yes, I’m here. Floating Feather? Here. – Where’s the banner? – Right. How could you put it in your bag? I spent so much time making this. A scratch on Chris Lee’s face! Why didn’t you protect the banner carefully? what kind of fan are you? Right. Sorry. I didn’t mean it. Okay, we need to find a way to solve this. I have an idea. Can I try? what? What is she doing? Show me a photo of Chris Lee. A pretty one. Hold it. That’s enough. She’s good! Please vote for Chris Lee. Vote for Chris Lee. Thank you so much for that. If not for you, I would have been scolded bitterly by the others fans. By the way, who were you writing that letter to? How do you know I wrote that? “For my friend” usually means “for myself”. To Jiang Chen, right? My friend says yes. Your friend has quite a unique taste. How can she likes such an icy person? You don’t understand. All right. I don’t understand. Only you understand. Preparing breakfast for Jiang Chen? It’s my destiny. I can’t twist his arm. Let’s go. Why are you smiling like that? I just feel happy to go to school with you. Although you didn’t receive my love letter, Why do I think that you know?

To be Continued 

To be Continued……

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