Clicks Vs Impression

1. Impression

Impression is usually use in ads like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Website etc… An impression is simple a view of your ad and it is usually use in Display network and it will bidding with CPM.

  • CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impression
  • It could be a Banner Ad, Video Ads, or Text Ads
  • One View = One Impression

If the same person sees your ad multiple times, they will be count as multiple impressions and unique impression are the no of unique people who saw your ad regardless of how may times they can viewed it . CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impression is Ad words means cost per thousand impressions with CPM and also you can pay for each and every impression time to your ad and also it will calculated per 1000 impression . Whether, it will be calculated it will be actually gets clicked for the internet user or customer clicks that it will generated to our website account

Cost Per Thousand Impression Videos

2. Click

A click is just as a click and once a users sees your ad they can be click on it is taken then to your landing page . we are so many types like CPC.

  • CPC – Cost Per Clicks
  • ECPC – Enhanced Cost Per Clicks
  • Maximize Clicks

Enhanced CPC

we can set up this bidding strategies for campaigns level, ad group level, keyword level data and it will be increase the bid prices upto 30% for the keywords that are generating more no of conversions and decreases upto 100% for the other keywords

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