A Love So Beautiful Chinese Drama Episode 1

My name is Chen Xiaoxi. The most important thing in my life is drawing.drawing, and.. maybe just drawing. But when i was 16 years old, the most important thing to me was him.[JC, stop dreaming. I won’t marry you.]. His name is Jiang chen. we live in the same building, so we go to school together every day. Jiang Chen, let’s go to school together. No. He often invites me to study with him. We help each other, and make progress together. He’s very nice to me and has never been angry. Jiang Chen! Chen Xiaoxi! The only problem is, he walks so fast that i can’t keep up. Although it seems like i was running after him when i was young, I believe he’s also secretly waiting for me.

[Episode 1]

[Dear Jiang Chen]

Beautiful Chenxi School, let dreams fly.Welcome to Chenxi School, a nationally prestigious school. Today you are proud of Chenxi School. Tomorrow Chenxi School will be proud of you. Jiang Chen, we are in the same class again this year. This is called destiny, don’t you think so? So the entry score of this school is quite low this year. Five points lower than last year. Thanks to that five points, or I wouldn’t be able to get in. How lucky I am! Jiang Chen I like you. I don’t like you. Then… I’ll figure out another solution.What should i do? How to make boys fall in love with you?[ Be pretty. Be smart.] Look at my oval face, pretty enought.[Be pretty, Be smart] I didn’t like the novel. Girls have different tastes than I do. Chen Xiaoxi. I’ll recommend you a new one. Masterpiece.No. Hand in your test paper. Seriously, Chen Xiaoxi? Copy my answers? You always copy other’s answers. How were you admitted to our school? This test paper is quite easy, so I finished it very quickly. So embarrassing. Did it take you an entire class to finish this baozi? Nonsense. This is the fifth one. The listening comprehension test was very easy this time.- Was it? – Jiang Chen! He is so handsome! I think the test was overall very easy. The writing section was hard. The topic was a little one-sided. The title was “Pursue Your Dream”. Jiang Chen, what do you think? I didn’t write too may words, only about 1,000. I accidentally wrote too much. “Pursue Your Dream” was the sample composition. The title of our composition was “Impartiality.” You didn’t know that? Look at your English test score. Your writing is totally off-topic. Look at your rank in our grade.You fell back 75 place than last time. If you keep this up after two more tests, you will be the student with the lowest score. Just look at Jiang Chen. You two were from the same junior high. How come he can have the highest score every time? While you always have the lowest? I understand, Ms. Liu. I will learn from Jiang Chen. Goodbye, teacher. You and I are similar in ranks. How about we form a team? How about “Dragon and Tiger”? Jiang Chen, can you do me a favor? She is Li Wei. How can I help you? The grammar we learned today is a little confusing for me. Can you explain it to me? – Tiger, you need to say something.- Okay, what seems confusing to you? Who do you think has the smaller face, or her? Her? Hers. My face is too big. I can’t team up with you. Don’t worry. That’s why you’d look like a tiger. How could we judge people by their score? Be considerate. Try to prepare breakfast for him, showing your tender love. – Morning. – Morning. Baozi for you. Please don’t prepare this for me again. [Day 2, 7:00 a.m.] [Youtiao] classmate jiang I read another version of the bookl recommended to you yesterday. It’s not bad. But I think it lacks some social criticisms. I’m impressed. You are so educated. Don’t mention it. Classmate Chen. You’re the smartest person I’ve ever seen. Did Jiang Chen already leave? It’s almost eight. It’s your fifth time of this month to be late. Grade 1, Class 8, Chen Xiaoxi. Only seven days of this month have past.[Day 3, 6: 00 a.m.] Preparing breakfast doesn’t work.[Confess Your Love.] stand up. – Good morning, teacher.- Good morning, students. Find the page in the textbook where we stopped last time. ” I wonder why my inlaid harp has fifty strings each with its fret an interval of youth.” This poem is very bitterly but beautifully written. The poet wrote it for his late wife as a love letter. “The sage Chuangzi is day-dreaming, bewitched by butterflies. The spring-heart of Emperor Wang is crying in a cuckoo. Mermen weep their pearly tears down a moon-green sea. Blue fields are breathing their jade to the sun. And a moment that ought to have lasted forever has come and gone before I knew.” Miss, do you need any help? Is there a book that can teach me how write a love letter? Write what? Write compositions. “Love is a temple”? what? Lu Yang! Chen Xiaoxi, do you really think this book can help you write a love letter? You don’t understand. Don’t be so ignorant. Don’t you know that I am the most popular guy in Chenxi School? I have received at least 30 love letters. Do you know why they all wrote love letters to me? Why? Because I’m handsome, witty, and considerate. Should I trust you? This book is much more reliable. “I want to kneel down in front of you and kiss your feet.” Maybe you can teach me how to write it. Lu Yang. I’m having lunch. Here. Eat more. Lu Yang. Chen Xiaoxi. My father doesn’t allow me to have a girlfriend who ranks at the bottom. I’m writing it to a guy in another school. All right. I’ll teach you, but you need to do me favor to pay back. Give my chicken wing back. You received all of these? I wrote all of these. Aren’t you the popular guy? Why did you write these? If you received a letter, you need to reply, right? That’s why I wrote thes e to comfort others. You are like distributing flyers. If you help me send all these letters, I’ll teach you. Okay, I will. You are the boss now. Let’s start with the first sentence. The opening sentence should attract the reader’s attention. Distinguished….Stupid. We need a very hot opening. Hot. Write like this: I love you. Isn;t it too hot? Let me finish. I love your eyes. I love your reflection in my heart that stirs a ripple. Good. Flip it. You will experience a lot in your life. I hope in your memories I stay. My love is a tidal wave. A wave that pushes me toward you. Where do you live? Next to Chen Xiaoxi’s home. Are you going back? Li Wei, is your home in this direction? I…. I’m going home. See you tomorrow. I wrote a poem today. I’m not sure if it’s a good one. Do you want to hear it? My love is a tidal wave. A wave that pushes me toward you. What do you think? What about the rhyme? If you’re free enough, do more exercise to get a high score, instead of memorizing song lyrics. Song lyrics? My world has changed because of you. Let’s drift and wander together to make our lives full of… They are song lyrics!Hello. Xiaoxi, help! Log in your QQ now! I’ll add you to a group chat. I’ll talk to you in the group chat. Thank you so much! [Accept] There’s an activity for Chris Lee’s fans tomorrow. It’ll be held in the city park. Get prepared! Can’t go. Tomorrow is my grandma’s birthday.My friend will be there for me. Will you go there tomorrow? Actually…I have something to do tomorrow. Why all of you are so busy? What do you to do? I can help you with that. I need to write a love letter. For my friend. Easy. I’ll help you do that. Stop there! I never say anything meaningless, but i need to make things clear to you today. I like you. If you dare to say no to me, I will.. I will make your school life very miserable, by all means. If anyone wants to steal you from me I will kill…Who are you? Why do you eavesdrop? I’m not. This is a small campus, and you were talking very loudly.Girl, is this school so horrible? So you are a gang boss? Gangster? Yes. So don’t mess up with me. Is she reliable? I’ll write it myself. Worn.[ I really really like you! You’re perfect in my mind!] Worn. Correct. Okay, Lin Jingxiao. You can pick the next one. Chen Xiaoxi. Hurry. Hurry. Respect. Organization. Balance. Balance. B-a-l-a-n-c-e. I know this one. Are you Wu Bosong, the new student? Yes, Your majesty. i asked you to be here at eight. …..

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