Google Updates Related by Google 2019

Google Updates

  • Panda Update
  • Penguin Update
  • Pigeon Update
  • Caffeine Update
  • Exact Match Domain(EMD) Update
  • Humming Bird Update
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Pirate Update
  • Http to Https
  • Rank Brain Updates
  • Unnamed Major Update
  • Fred Update
Google Updates Overview
  1. Panda Update: Duplication of the content will be hit with panda update and tiny content sites (sites with page content of one or two lines) will be hit with panda.
  2. Penguin Update: Over optimizing the site will be hit with penguin update and over stuffing the keywords or spammy links will be hit with penguin update
  3. Caffeine Update: Introduction of indexer tool place with caffeine update
  4. Exact Match Domain (EMD) Update: Don’t purchase websites with exact match keywords Ex: www, and it is always better to buy a domain with brand name or brand name with keyword. Ex: + Keyword)
  5. Humming Bird Update: It is replacement to caffeine update and this update in showing the more precise results and supports conversational search.
  6. Pigeon Update : It gives importance to local listing
  7. Mobile Friendly: Every site should be responsive/ mobile friendly
  8. Pirate Update: Copying of video/audio files will be hit with pirate update
  9. Http to Https: Secured sites will have little high weightage when comparted to http sites
  10. Rank Brain Update: Rank Brain is an algorithm learning artifical intelligence system helps google to process search results and provide more relevant search results for users.
  11. Unnamed Major Update: This update mainly focused on low quality content, thin content, mobile usability problems, ad deceptions(ads placed inside content), excessive pagination.
  12. Fred Update: This update hits articles written for ranking purposes and having ads or affiliate links sprinkled throughout the article. Content wrapped around ads and affiliates for revenue generation are hit by this update.

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